For the last 11 years I have run my gallery in the lower level of my home in this beautiful seaside town of Merimbula. I have always felt truly blessed and eternally grateful that this home by the edge of the lake was mine to live in, raise my sons and run my business.  The wonderfully creative environment gave me a peaceful place to hone my artistic skills and be a guiding light for all the amazing and talented children and adults who came for lessons.

Now it is time to pack all my belongings as my house has sold and take a new journey. Along the way I will share the ups and downs, the joys and disappointments, and my goals and achievements.

The next chapter of my life will be about embracing abundance in all things even when those things may not be what I want for myself. It’s about stepping out, leaping off, free falling into life. It’s about letting go of fears and walking into the unknown with only one mission and that is to be true to myself.

I am surrounded by boxes which will go into storage and I start the countdown of days left here…15 to go. There is much to be done, a whole life to pack in readiness for the next exciting phase.

LIFE…it’s what you make it!

Peace and blessings to you…Tracey.

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