Big, warm thanks to The Art Vault

A very big thank you to Julie Chambers and all her wonderful team for making my 3 week Artist’s Residency such a wonderfully creative and inspiring time. I got to meet other local and exhibiting artists, printmakers, see some wonderful artwork both at The Art Vault and at the Mildura Arts Centre, enjoy the beautiful weather and

The art of printmaking

A fabulous day at the Art Vault which started with a lecture at La Trobe University by Ian Westacott, artist and master printmaker. What a great venue with the lecture recorded and feed live to their Bendigo campus. We could actually see the students sitting in the lecture room in Bendigo whilst they could see

Mastering WordPress…or not!

Okay, paint brush down whilst I get to the business end of my art. I have been working long and hard to get this, my new website up and running, and I have spent the last couple of days adding to my Portfolio page. Hopefully by the end of the night I will have worked out how