A fabulous day at the Art Vault which started with a lecture at La Trobe University by Ian Westacott, artist and master printmaker. What a great venue with the lecture recorded and feed live to their Bendigo campus. We could actually see the students sitting in the lecture room in Bendigo whilst they could see us sitting in our lecture room in Mildura. Learning institutes have certainly come along way since my college years in the 70s.

Many thanks to Julie Chambers, Director of The Art Vault who invited me along to the lecture which was followed by lunch with Ian.

Ian who was born in Australia lives with his family in Scotland. He is currently having a Retrospective Exhibition of his work at the Mildura Arts Centre. I will be off to view his beautiful drawings and prints tomorrow. Ian and fellow print maker Raymond Arnold where here at the Art Vault doing a residency just a week before I arrived. I would have loved to have seen them in action, creating beautiful prints from their etchings and watching the whole printmaking process. Here is a sample of one of Ian’s¬†exquisite¬†prints.

Ian Westacott art

You can read more about Ian at – http://www.ianwestacott.com/about.html

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