Serendipity Exhibition I Works of Art by Tracey Creighton

The Art Vault, Mildura, Victoria.  11-29 March, 2015.

‘Serendipity’ meaning: An unsought, unintended, and/or unexpected, but fortunate, discovery and/or learning experience that happens by accident.

My upcoming exhibition at The Art Vault, Mildura is about a journey. An enlightening journey which started with a casual suggestion, evolved into a plan, transitioned into a discovery, mutated to a visual exploration, and culminated in the creation of a new body of paintings depicting our indigenous landscape. Each painting a metamorphosis of thought to imagery, a process which revealed its own serendipitous journey.

My studio is covered in paintings, some waiting to be framed and others waiting for their final varnish. This is pretty much how every artist’s studio appears when preparing for an exhibition. Space to sort through your artwork and find some free bench area becomes a complex issue but finally when all the work is packed ready to go peace will reign again.

My ‘Serendipity’ Exhibition opens at The Art Vault in Mildura on Wednesday, 11 March, and coincides with the Mildura Arts Festival.

I’ll be in Mildura for the entire exhibition period and I hope if you live or are holidaying in the area you will be able to come by and see this new collection of paintings. The exhibition closes on Sunday, 29 March.

Love to see you there…Tracey.


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