Hello friends and art lovers,

I am back on terra firma and it’s good to be home! I had thought I would post to my blog whilst I was away these last 10 weeks but seems there was little time with all the travelling and internet access difficulties to actually do it. So I apologise if you have been waiting for word of my whereabouts.¬†Hopefully some of you would have been able to track my journey on Facebook as I was able to post occasionally.


Well what a trip! As with any travel overseas it can be fraught with obstacles…mostly in airports and some relating to language barriers. Still being an artist has its moments, when in doubt I can always draw a picture of what I am wanting to convey, seeing my French is rather primitive.

I have seen some truly awesome sights and I will share just a couple with you here. The most memorable is probably the Flamingoes at Camargue in Provence, South of France. It was a really beautiful sight to behold, such a large number of these magnificent birds only a metre or two from where I stood. I think I managed to capture over 100 photos just of these peaceful water dwellers. I plan for them to feature extensively in upcoming works, so watch out for my exhibition in Merimbula this Christmas, or check my website for new paintings in December.


Secondly, the sunflower fields which I was lucky to see as the heat wave in Europe had most of them turning their colourful heads to the grounds to conserve their energy in the dry conditions was such a jaw dropping moment. I was so delighted when I came across a field not affected and could bask in their golden glow.

IMG_2618 - Version 2



Equally as beautiful an experience was to join Australian artist, Tracy Verdugo at Paint Mojo France and enjoy a truly inspiring week with another 6 lovely ladies in the village of Durfort for a week of painting bliss. Hosted by Nese at La Cascade,IMG_2844 we all felt extremely at home in her villa complete with cool running stream on our doorstep where we all jumped in to reinforce we should always be in ‘the creative flow’.

There was so much camaraderie and laughter that the time slipped effortlessly. I will sorely miss the gorgeous girls, the fabulous lunches, dinners and wine shared under the canopy of the grapevine where we dined on a feast of superb culinary delights prepared by Nese. I so want to go back to this enchanting place another time!




One can’t possibly describe all the amazing sights to be seen in Europe. The¬†history, architecture, art, scenery, sculptures, the hairy¬†highland cows and black faced sheep, the Irish pubs and the Scottish games, the masses of pink Rhododendrons and Buttercup fields, the Roman stone arches and cobbled streets, the endless green of Ireland and rugged Scottish coastline. It was all amazing and beautiful and is forever etched on my mind and in my heart.



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