Tracey’s class opened my eyes to approaching creativity in new ways, making me think about what I am trying to convey in my work. I learnt about techniques, materials and tools which I am now incorporating in my own art practice. It was totally inspiring. Thank you for such a wonderful week of creativity and for opening my eyes to new paths. 

Michaela L, ACT.


What an awesome experience last week was at your Acrylic & Mixed Medium Workshop in Canberra. It has given me a new lease on life for my art and taking it into another direction. I do have ideas and your suggestions will add a different dimension to what I am thinking about. Thanks again Tracey for your patience and enthusiasm which you maintained to the end (I don’t know how).  It was a fabulous experience.

Mary O, NSW.


Thank you for two fabulous days of art. They were two very challenging days but with your encouragement and patience I returned home feeling fulfilled and so very happy with my finished piece. I am certainly looking forward to another exciting workshop with you down in your fabulous studio. Such an inspirational tutor. 

Krystyna P, ACT.


Recently while watching an episode of “colour in your life” featuring artist Tracey Creighton she had our immediate attention
Her layered style and vivid colouring was the stand out for us.
 Decision made we packed our bags and headed off. It was great to step into her gallery and see her art work in the flesh. The colours. WOW. her amazing colour palette was richer and deeper than expected.
We met Tracey and she convinced me to try painting. I had always said I would try it but skilfully managed to avoid it. At least until now. I was nervous.
 Tracey’s gentle approach was appreciated. She carefully walked me through the process step by step. Simple and concise instruction brought clarity to my work. She’s a great communicator.
 I grew into the lesson. As my coach said “I grew to love the sound of the bristles scratching the canvas”…growing in confidence with every stroke. 
In the end I finished with a painting, worthy of hanging on  the wall. I was excited and wanted to kiss her.
 I really wanted to express to her my true appreciation for one of my all-time best experiences.
 The nine hour trip up from Torquay proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences. It led to…….
” my first ever painting”.
 Thank you, 

Alan S, VIC.