From ocean blue to desert red

What a wonderful week!

I have been very fortunate to spend lastĀ week trekking around Broken Hill and the edge of the desert, taking in all the gorgeous warm tones of our Australian landscape whilst enjoying the whole journey with my lovely friend Christine who was lives in Mildura and who kindly took time off to show me her backyard.

The two of us enjoyed a photography expedition where we watched in awe theĀ sunrise over the ‘Walls of China’ at Mungo National Park, stood mesmerised by silverĀ light mirrored over Menindee Lake, and delighted at theĀ wild donkeys and cows taking rest in some interesting places.

We walked ancient river beds in near silence – each of us totally aware of our perfect and peaceful setting, marvelled at the reflected light on pristine rock pools, revelled in the majesty of deep gorges cut into an otherwise flat landscape, journeyed along corrugated dirt roads runningĀ the gauntlet with mobs of emusĀ andĀ lovingly caressedĀ the smooth silk like texture of old river gums. We bothĀ come away feeling a great sense of peace and oneness with this land.

I have now returned to Mildura and this afternoon I have arrived at The Art Vault for a threeĀ week live-in artist’s residency. I have unpacked my bags, set up my materials in the studio and tomorrow morning I will be ready to make a start, letting the creative juices flow as I work with all the wonderful images of this beautiful area to build a new body of work.

I’ll keep you posted as to what artwork emerges. In the meantime here a coupleĀ of the snaps taken on our journey. Hope you’re keeping warm…Tracey.

Silver Light on Menindee lake

Silver Light on Menindee lake

A donkey hoping for table service.

A donkey hoping for table service.

I didn't know cows could read.

I didn’t know cows could read.

Sunset at Mungo National Park

Sunset at Mungo National Park

Up, Up and Away!

Good morning,

After months of sorting, packing, stowing and cleaning I have now hit the road for the start of my new adventure. With my car packed to the roof, aĀ tinge of sadness came over me yesterday as I looked at my home, gallery and studio for the last time. Too tidy for words given all the activity, throwing of paint, art classes and creativity that has gone on in this space.

Twelve and a half years of living in this beautiful home by the lake in Merimbula, creating artwork and meeting over 25,000 people who frequented the gallery during the years it was open. I will be forever grateful for their support, encouragement and patronage. I have made an enormous amount of new friends, students and clients. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope you will continue to see how the next phase of my life unfolds and where my artistic journey sends me.

Now in Canberra enjoying some time this weekend with my boys before venturing on to Mildura tomorrow. So loved going out last night for a wonderful Italian dinner with my dear friend Lynn with whom I will be staying when here in Canberra, walking in the brisk night air, watching the people bustling by on a Friday night, sitting at festive outdoor cafe drinking hot chocolate whilstĀ chatting with friends. Such a contrast from a Friday night in Merimbula during Winter. Still as I drove from Merimbula leaving behind my darling Sister, Mum and Saatchi, I know that there is much life to be lived andĀ that I will of course return in a few short months to see them again.

A lasting memory of the beautiful sunsets reflected on the lake

A lasting memory of the beautiful sunsets reflected on the lake

Enjoy your weekend and keep warm.


The end of an eraā€¦but a new beginning awaits!

For the last 11 years I have run my gallery in the lower level of my home in this beautiful seaside town of Merimbula. I have always felt truly blessed and eternally grateful that this home by the edge of the lake was mine to live in, raise my sons and run my business. Ā The wonderfully creative environment gave me a peaceful place to hone my artistic skills and be a guiding light for all the amazing and talented children and adults who came for lessons.

Now it is time to pack all my belongings as my house has sold and take a new journey. Along the way I will share the ups and downs, the joys and disappointments, and my goals and achievements.

The next chapter of my life will be about embracing abundance in all things even when those things may not be what I want for myself. Itā€™s about stepping out, leaping off, free falling into life. Itā€™s about letting go of fears and walking into the unknown with only one mission and that is to be true to myself.

I am surrounded by boxes which will go into storage and I start the countdown of days left hereā€¦15 to go. There is much to be done, a whole life to pack in readiness for the next exciting phase.

LIFEā€¦itā€™s what you make it!

Peace and blessings to youā€¦Tracey.


My very first blog! All very new to me. Thanks to Meghan Brewster who gave a very lively talk today in Merimbula toĀ the Writerā€™s of the Far South CoastĀ andĀ for shedding some light on the path to blogging, though I am sure to stumble along. Ā If you have any ā€˜HOTā€™ tips Iā€™d really welcome and value your comments. Thanks.