From ocean blue to desert red

What a wonderful week! I have been very fortunate to spend last week trekking around Broken Hill and the edge of the desert, taking in all the gorgeous warm tones of our Australian landscape whilst enjoying the whole journey with my lovely friend Christine who was lives in Mildura and who kindly took time off to

Up, Up and Away!

Good morning, After months of sorting, packing, stowing and cleaning I have now hit the road for the start of my new adventure. With my car packed to the roof, a tinge of sadness came over me yesterday as I looked at my home, gallery and studio for the last time. Too tidy for words given


My very first blog! All very new to me. Thanks to Meghan Brewster who gave a very lively talk today in Merimbula to the Writer’s of the Far South Coast and for shedding some light on the path to blogging, though I am sure to stumble along.  If you have any ‘HOT’ tips I’d really welcome and value