Imagine finding your true creative spirit

Stretch your creative wings and join me on this journey of discovery as you embrace your true creative spirit and learn new ways to express yourself through your art.



¬†My original ‘Imaginations’ program offered students the chance to complete three mixed media projects in the one eCourse but a recent survey leads me to believe a better option is to offer these as three individual courses.¬†We live in a busy world where a good many people are a little time poor but still wanting an outlet for their artistic pursuits. So with that in mind I am redesigning my eCourses so as to offer one project in each course, which means that there is more chance you’ll complete the course now that it is broken into bite size pieces.¬†


I want you to get great value out of your eCourse and certainly don’t want you paying for anything that you might not complete. So now you can select to do each project separately. The courses will run one after another with Winter Wonderland being the first eCourse to be launched. They are designed to increase your art skills, explore new materials and stretch your imagination with each project. Once you complete the first eCourse you can easily move onto the next in a time frame which best suits you.



* Instructional videos demonstrating techniques and ways to get creative

* Step-by-step instructions so you will be guided from start to finish

*Start, stop or pause the course at any time which suits you

*Ways to navigate and explore new painting techniques to create your art

*A guide to products, art materials and textiles you can use

*Help as to how to be your best creative self 

*Lifetime access to the eCourse



If you’ve never used mixed medium before then you will be embarking on a new and exciting journey. I will lead you through a variety of materials, products and ways to develop your art practice. Even if you are a beginner you will quickly discover that with my step-by-step instructional videos you will be creating your own unique mixed media art in no time.¬†



¬†I’m hoping that you will share your fabulous outcomes and happy accidents with me and other members enrolled in my my eCourses on our private ¬†‘Imaginations Group’ Facebook page. It will be a great place to get a little feedback, find words of encouragement¬†and share your progress with other participants. I’ll be dropping in to answer questions and cheer you on.



Please register your interest in any of my eCourses listed below. You’ll be placed on my wait list and advised when payment is required and the course is ready to access. My eCourses will be launched progressively, starting with Spark your Imagination on 15 August, 2019 then Winter Wonderland later this year followed by Blooming Lovely and Natural Encounters early 2020.



Spark Your Imagination: $95  РAvailable from 15 August, 2019. BUY NOW

Winter Wonderland: $95 – COMING SOON – Launch date to be advised

Blooming Lovely: $125 – Launch date to be advised

Natural Encounters: $125 – 2020 Launch date to be advised




In Spark Your Imagination I’ll introduce you to some of the materials and painting techniques used when creating mixed media art.

You can start warming up your creative muscles as I walk you through :

*A variety of papers, textiles and materials you can use

*How to create a series of mini abstracts and photograph your designs

*Ways to build textural 3 dimensional backgrounds using collaged papers and textiles

*How to collage all your elements together following a layout

*Analogous and Complementary colour schemes

*Opaque and translucent paint effects

*Painting techniques including dry brush and laying washes of colour

*Building depth of colour through layering gesso, acrylic ink and/or acrylic paint

*Creating a mini abstract painting using mixed media which you can frame

*Embracing your creative spirit


I look forward to greeting you in class and sharing lots of arty ideas which are sure to spark your imagination. 

Beginners and artists of all skill levels are warmly welcome to join the class.




Register your interest in any of my upcoming eCourses by clicking on the images

(Big thanks to the beautiful Michaela Laurie for allowing me use use some of her art in the above image)







When do I start?

All of the eCourses are designed to be self-paced. This means you can start them at anytime and it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to finish because you will have lifetime access on any device you own. You decide when you start and when you finish.


What if I’ve never painted before?

My eCourses are intended for beginners, so there is no prior training or art skill required. My step-by-step tutorials are easy to follow.


How long will it take me to do a course?

An individual eCourse might take you up to 2 hours to watch all the tutorial videos. As the course are self-pace you can take as long as you need to complete the exercise and painting project


What art materials will I need?

You will require some basic art supplies such as gesso, modelling paste, acrylic paint or acrylic ink, some pencils, palette, watercolour paper, canvas board or stretched canvas as well as a couple of brushes. Many of the items required to create texture or pattern you will probably find you have at home already. I’ll provide you with a list of materials and art supplies you will need for each course.¬† There are no expensive materials required. Use what art supplies you have already, it’s okay to substitute items on the list for anything you might have which is similar.¬†


Refund Policy

 In the event you need to cancel your registration of one of my eCourses for any reason prior to the launch of a course a full refund will be returned to you within 30 days of receiving your notification in writing.  There are no refunds offered after the launch of an eCourse.