Don’t miss out on one of my beautiful new soft and whimsical works of art created during our recent lockdown period.  Purchase on my shop page to take advantage of these prices available only through my website, or simply click BUY NOW. Your artwork will be wrapped, boxed, insured whilst in transit and shipped to you within Australia for no additional charge. If you pick up your painting from my studio in Tura Beach then a further 10% discount on the sale price will apply.

Can’t imagine if a painting will suit your home or work environment? Then please send me a photo of your wall and I will email the image back to you with the painting of your choice superimposed in position and to scale on your wall.

Be sure to pop back regularly to check my paintings which are being constantly uploaded.


Please click on any image below to reveal a larger version and more details. 



 ‘SPRING BLOOMS’   $2500 / $1,900   BUY NOW



‘COASTAL VISION’   $1,250 / $1,075   BUY NOW






‘CHANGE OF SEASON’   $2,400 / $1,850   BUY NOW



 ‘NATURAL WONDER’   $2,500 / $1,900   BUY NOW






 ‘WISHFUL THINKING’   $2,500 / $1,900   BUY NOW



       ‘DAYBREAK’   $3,550 / $2,950   BUY NOW





If you are in Merimbula then don’t miss out on seeing my latest colourful artwork in the new Centrepoint Market Place on the corner of Market Street and Palmer Lane, next to the new Visitors Merimbula Information Centre. Don’t miss out on a bargain because all my paintings are discounted both in the shop and the same discounts apply on my online store. Please contact me should you like more information about any particular painting, would like to discuss a commissioned work of art for your home or corporate environment or to make an appointment to visit my studio in Tura Beach.  Buy online or call me directly on 0428 954 680.  

Your discounted sale price is applied at the checkout and includes delivery of your artwork within most areas of Australia.


‘REMEMBERING’   $1,990 / $1,550    BUY NOW



‘TIDAL SURGE’   $1,500  /  Sale Price $1,300        BUY NOW



‘OCEANS APART’   $1,650  /  Sale Price $1,485        BUY NOW






‘CROSSING OVER’  $2,800  /  Sale Price $2,550      BUY NOW



‘NATURAL FLOW’    $1,100  /  Sale Price $950      BUY NOW



‘LUNAR VOYAGE’   $1,990  /  Sale Price $1,690      BUY NOW



‘AWESOME GRANDEUR’   $980  /  Sale Price $780      BUY NOW



‘HALLOW’   $1,190  /  Sale Price $990      BUY NOW



‘WATER’S EDGE’   $980  /  Sale Price $780      BUY NOW



‘ROCK POOL’   $1,950  /  Sale Price $1,690      BUY NOW



‘PERFECTLY PINK’   $900  /  Sale Price $700      BUY NOW



‘BLUSH’   $1,550  /  Sale Price $1,250      BUY NOW



‘DISTANT DREAM’   $1,950  /  Sale Price $1,750      BUY NOW



‘PINK BUTTERFLY’   $790  /  Sale Price $650      BUY NOW



‘DESERT TEARS’   $1,990  /  Sale Price $1,690     BUY NOW



‘SHADES OF SUMMER’   $890  /  Sale Price $690      BUY NOW



‘TROPICAL BEAUTY’   $1,650  /  Sale Price $1,490      BUY NOW



‘SAFE HARBOUR’   Was $1,950 /  Sale Price $1,650      BUY NOW



‘EYE OF THE STORM’   Was $1,450  /  Sale Price $990      BUY NOW


You’ll also find my some of my paintings on exhibition at:

Visitor’s Information Centre – Merimbula

Home and Away Gifts – Merimbula

Black Daisy Trading – Pambula.





The artwork below are all smaller pieces which are under glass with a white mat board and white frame.